Sunday, December 04, 2005

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Saturday, December 03, 2005

Free Online Games

I found a collection of 175 nice and free online games most of them Flash and Shockwave games. You can play them on line instantly, no download needed. Links and descriptions for each of them on the site, here.

See also this interesting low price collection: Wholesale Video Games - sources of over 35 wholesale video game distributors.

Thursday, December 01, 2005

Addendat - Blogging program that can be updated from either a CGI or shell interface

Addendat is a blogging program that accepts updates from either a CGI interface or a shell interface. It stores additions as HTML, so you can edit both entries and design in any ordinary text editor. It is configured using a simple HTML-like config file format and supports multiple blogs, even on the same page. It does not require Java or JavaScript and can publicize additions on a central hub, so users can easily find recently-updated blogs. It supports comments and archiving, can post entries to LiveJournal, and features configurable comment spam countermeasures.

aBridge - Free Online bridge game

aBridge lets you to play bridge online with other real people. It supports speech synthesis, so you can listen to the bids and chat conversation rather than simply gaze at the screen waiting for someone to play. aBridge also has some rudimentary bots, for when other players aren't online, but their AI is very basic.

Wednesday, November 30, 2005 - find a job for free

Looking for a job? This popular directory lets you post (and apply for) jobs with no fees, unlike other freelance sites. The site includes a search engine, so you can quickly find the job you're seeking. Thousands of new jobs are posted here daily. Or if you can afford to pay a few bucks, check Homejobstop and Freelance Work Exchange

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

AVG Free Edition

AVG Free Edition

This is an outstanding freeware anti-virus utility that also offers you free monthly updates. An easy-to-use program, AVG features resident protection, an E-mail scanner and automatic healing of infected files. Note: this program is free for personal, home usage only. (For Windows).

FREE download here

Bravenet - Free websites, guestbook, forum, counter ...

Bravenet - Free websites, guestbook, forum, counter ...

The world's top FREE web host and web tool provider. Get a website, guestbook, counter, forum, calendar, or over 20 other FREE interactive web tools!Everything you'll ever need to buildthe perfect website - and it's so easy!

Click here for more details

Welcome To Fotothing

Welcome To Fotothing

What is Fotothing?

Fotothing is like a blog, with photos instead of words - a photoblog.

Fotothing allows you to share your latest and greatest photos with your friends, family and the world. Other users can post comments on your photos, and the most recently updated Fotothings appear on the home page.

You can use Fotothing to keep a daily record of your life in photographic format, document the growth of your kids, or simply to get public feedback on your latest work of art. The possibilities are endless.

Fotothing also provides full RSS feeds for everyone, so you can easily link to your latest photos from your web site or blog.

Best of all, Fotothing is fun, fast and free to join.So what are you waiting for?Sign up now!